Artist Residencies

We like to support artists in their goals and help them do what they are passionate about. We offer FREE STUDIO SPACE For Artists

Artists can network with visitors, do live art, collaborate or work on their next art piece. That is upto them. We also give priority to our artists to when choosing art to exhibit and offer them other opportunities.

Our resident artist are the heart of the art community, many of them grow their careers and go onto being full time artists. Some choose to go back to school and other choose to keep art as a hobby. To each it’s own. We like to encourage them to stay inspired and creative regardless of what they choose to do with the experience they gain at Lotus.

“To sell art, its not the easiest task, but not to ever be given a chance to try is worst” ~Gallery Curator, Mariam Qureshi

If you want to be part of the team, send us your expression of interest in the online SUBMISSION form, say its for residency and list 3 of your best works. Tell us how having a studio space and the opportunity to exhibit every other month will allow you to grow your art own business?


Free Studio Hours

You can select your hours and day or days.


Live Art

During the hours you paint at the gallery you might get a chance to talk to visitors and show them what you do, as it is open to the public.



You are the star for the day you are at the gallery, you will get opportunities to exhibit your work in group shows, or to propose solos. You will get the opportunity to get your photos taken so you can use them to do self promotions. We will support with all our might!