Splish Splash - Acrylics - Mariam Qureshi

Splish Splash - Acrylics - Mariam Qureshi


Mariam Qureshi - Self taught Artist in Fine Arts of the Oil Paints, however works with a wide range of other mediums as well. 

Awarded the Ambassador of the Arts in the City of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

Curate art and Exhibits art Internationally. Most recent Exciting Exhibit and accomplishment was to be selected to Exhibit her work at the Louvre, as part of the contemporary art collection during the month of October 2017.  

She is now listed as part of the Modern Art Museum list of well deserving artists. Her art is valued is increasingly becoming in higher demand. She creates one of a kind pieces in a vast range of mediums and styles.  She refuses to make prints of the original, to protect the buyer's investment. 

Keep an eye out for her work as she embarks on her next big Exhibit and Curates her Art Exhibits amongst hand picked talented local artists in Edmonton, Montreal, and Ottawa, Canada.

You can also find her work in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland. She is also an artist on art net via Paks Gallery. 

The best place to find her is here, where she curate and works on her art. 

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