Gallery Paint Party

Gallery Paint Party

30.00 40.00

Welcome to join us for our paint nights at Lotus gallery on 124st every Saturday from 7-9 pm. Enjoy yourself and let your creative senses come to life at our paint nights!

Bring you and a friend and enjoy a nice night in a relaxing atmosphere of an art gallery. Participate in a fun and exciting paint party and gallery walk through by the curator of the gallery.  An artist will direct you through the process in making your own masterpiece.

Experienced or not anyone can be an artist for a night with the assistance of a real artist.

 The spaces fill up pretty fast so best to reserve your spots in advance.

  We can also book for private events. Hire a personal artist to come to your special event today.

Contact to make reservations. 

You can also get your tickets through group on at a discounted price. 

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