Gallery Paint Party July 27 (7-9 pm) Abstract Cityscape

Gallery Paint Party July 27 (7-9 pm) Abstract Cityscape


Gallery Paint Party

July 27 (7-9 pm) Abstract Cityscape

Come have fun at this artistic social event to create your own master piece in acrylics at the art gallery with professional artists.

Enjoy the social atmosphere, group events like a paint party but more fun and better art! let’s have fun with paint at the art gallery!

A friendly artist will walk you through with tips on how to create your own master piece. We accept the lotus art gift card, per person, for this event. If you want to book an art lesson where you can learn perspective, mixing colour, palette knife techniques to learn in details, a class about it is also offered during the day time hours, but this one is a group gallery paint party.

Just like paint party but better art !

All these art events help invest in resident artists and local art. Learn to paint a landscape reflecting on water, with acrylic paints.
Artist: Mariam Qureshi 

No experience is required, all skill levels are welcome, how ever this is a workshop designed for beginners.  

Adults or teens only.

  All the materials will be provided. 

Group events like this fill up pretty fast as space is limited to 10 -14 people. You can buy your tickets online. Cost of the workshop is $40 per person (all materials are included). If you want to pre-order your drinks , please do so through the Lotus Cafe.

Thanks for investing in art

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