July 24 - Abstract tea pot Acrylic Art workshop

July 24 - Abstract tea pot Acrylic Art workshop


Acrylic strokes, perspective & color

Learn to paint a waterfall in acrylic paint.
Artist: Mariam Qureshi 
Mariam Qureshi will guide you in a 3 hour workshop for beginners on how to capture abstract bold colours into a simple composition of a landscape.

You will learn how to use acrylic paint to create meaningful brush strokes, mix colors onto canvas and create a compose proportionately.  

No experience required, all skill levels are welcome.   Adults or teens only. 

Class Schedule:

July 20

-Learn about depth, perspective points, brush strokes, layering colour, light directions, acrylic paint, mixing colour and how to prepare the canvas for painting.  

-Painting, first painting the under layers, creating reference points for composition, finding your perspective points, adding light and adding the finishing touches with colour. 

All the materials will be provided. Although, you can bring your own brushes if you prefer to do so. 

Space is limited to 8 participants. 

Cost of the workshop is $120 per person (all materials are included). If you want to pre-order your lunch with us, please do so through the Lotus Cafe. Thanks

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