Live sketching sessions & Competition

"spend the afternoon at the art gallery and enter to win"

Every Saturday: 2-4 pm  


A modernist movement, initially in poetry and painting, originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Its typical trait is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas.

  This month's exhibit  roots in expressionism, as it takes from modern art, design, culture and other art movements to create an expression of thought and emotion. The featured artists this month are a great example of how art expresses contemporary art.   


A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work. A sketch may serve a number of purposes: it might record something that the artist sees, it might record or develop an idea for later use or it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, idea or principle.

Sketches can be made in any drawing medium. The term is most often applied to graphic work executed in a dry medium such as silverpoint, graphite, pencil, charcoal or pastel. It may also apply to drawings executed in pen and ink, digital input such as a digital pen, ballpoint pen, marker pen, water colour and oil paint. The latter two are generally referred to as "water colour sketches" and "oil sketches". A sculptor might model three-dimensional sketches in clay, plasticine or wax.



Live Sketching Sessions

Drop In for Live Sketching at the art gallery. Enjoy the art and the company of professional artists. Bring your sketch books, we will take care of the rest!

Feel inspired by the art that surrounds you and feel free to ask professional artists on tips on how to create the best sketch. 

Satisfied with your sketch? Then why not enter in the Gallery Competition ? Email us a picture of the sketch you created at Lotus and enter the chance to win an artsy prize. We accumulate the entries till the end of the month so everyone has a fair chance to enter the competition.  We announce the winner of each months competition during the first week of the following month.  Sometimes gallery visitors are judges, sometimes we ask our clients and other times the art curator will be judging your work. In the end, we hope you stay inspired, motivated to create and enjoy your experience at the art gallery.   There is no experience required for this drop in.  

If you win, your work will be proudly posted on our social media feed : @gallerymariam and @lotus-art-cafe on instagram. 

10 Tips on how to create a good sketch:

1- Take control of your pencil.

2- Avoid Smudging

3- Use a blended stick or smooth shading

4- Vary your lines.

5- Make characters or silhouettes readable

6- Simplify overall 

7- Simplify negative spaces

8- Keep texture

9- Composition is important 

10- Mix things up with your personal touch 

Have Fun !


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