Divergent connectivity

Featured Resident Artists

Lotus Gallery is proud to present the following local artists from Edmonton, Canada:

Amaury Foruta

In his own words: “The warm arms of a Caribbean island received him at birth and a soft sea breeze, between palm trees and coconut trees whispered in his ear a lullaby, marking his childhood with the tonalities of his budding identity.

Between lakes and the indomitable Canadian cold the years of his first youth passed, forging the nature of a noble and rebellious soul, standards with them began a spiritual Odyssey after the search of the meaning of the life. And in that transit, could be familiarize with certain aspects of oriental spirituality, then ... his paintings was born.

The pictorial work of this singular artist tends a bridge between two cultures; its hybrid nature owes more to the sinuosities of self-reflection than to the geographies of the country of origin and of the host country. Of course, from the first one comes streaks of colours spilled to gush in his work. From the second, he inherits rigour by plotting lines and obsession with details. But strokes and pigments only make sense in the totality in which they exist and interact: their intricate inner world. There, Eros and Thanatos struggle to dominate in the territory where the consciousness of being lives.

For all of the above it is easy to understand a pictorial proposal that does not ask for understanding but that they feel it in all their sensorially. It is not painting to decorate halls but to cultivate the necessary mania to search until you find the first breath of life that has been lost in memory of a world in agony.”

Ink on Canvas, Amaury Fortuna 2019

Ink on Canvas, Amaury Fortuna 2019

Tesha Shirran 

Short Artist Bio: 27, self taught. I am discovering my mediums, my styles and my self.

Oil on Canvas, Tesha Shirran 2019

Oil on Canvas, Tesha Shirran 2019

Jay Dontae

Jay Dontae’s art can be best described as bold and authentic. His paintings blur

the lines between classic fine art, anime, pop culture, afro futurism and his own

experiences, all layered behind tales of hope and nostalgia. His distinct style can be

noted by his vibrant colour palette, his use of characters to push narratives and his

exaggerated use of bold lines. In 2017 Dontae was introduced to the formal art

world when he was featured in his very first art exhibit at Lotus Art Gallery and

hasn’t looked back since.

Acrylic on Canvas, Jay Dontae 2019

Acrylic on Canvas, Jay Dontae 2019

Denise Van Domselaar

Since childhood, Denise has been passionate about people, nature and art. She loves to use art to connect and interact with others. At the age of 10 she won first prize in her age category in a local art competition sponsored by the YMCA. Her “formal” training includes four years of adult leisure art classes in the late 1990’s. She won the People’s Choice Award at an annual year- end student art show and the journey continues. Denise has enjoyed showing her work at local art walks, markets and other events.

Recently, Denise has chosen to step more fully into greater involvement in the professional art world, including her current residency at Lotus Art Gallery, Edmonton Canada. This is where she currently creates and exhibits her paintings. Her style of art is abstract expressionism and she loves to paint a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes to portraits of people and animals. She seeks to express the essence of her subject rather than the particular physical details.

Her works are colourful and textured, as these are the aspects of art-making that she is most drawn to. Denise works in a variety of mediums. She most often works with acrylics, enjoying their array of gels mediums, and the brilliant colours that are her trademark. She also paints with watercolour and pastel, often combining the two. The sizes of her works range from miniatures to larger (24"x36”) canvas. Denise is also involved with Expressive Art Paint Nights during which she coaches participants in engaging with the creative process. She also facilitates one-on-one expressive arts sessions with children and adults.

Acrylic on Canvas, Denise Van Domselaar 2018

Acrylic on Canvas, Denise Van Domselaar 2018

Sherry Goguen

In her own words: “I love to show the world my thoughts on canvas or board. Born in New Brunswick but raised in Edmonton. I am a self taught artist, I use no reference material of any kind, nor do I pre-draw my work before painting. This allows me to go with the energy of what I am trying to express and change my work as I go. I am often told by people that they continue to see more and more in my work the longer they take to view it.”

Pencil on board, Sherry Goguen 2018

Pencil on board, Sherry Goguen 2018

Josh Harnack

Josh crates amazing paintings which he first digitally collages together on his computer and then translate onto canvas. Most of work is about animals and how we are like them and vis versa. More on Josh will be available soon.

Josh during his live art demonstration on Tuesdays

Josh during his live art demonstration on Tuesdays

Viktoria marczisak

Victoria is searching to find a way to express complex ideas about the importance of micro and macro organisms in nature, as small as a molecular chain connecting one atom to another to as large as a full landscape. More on her will be available soon.