There but not there - Oil on Canvas

There but not there - Oil on Canvas


Oil on 16x20 inch Canvas, by Mariam Qureshi 2018

This work is currently in progress, it is palette knife work. You can follow the progress on my instagram : @gallerymariam or @mariamqureshi.artist

This is part of the series which will be shown in February 2019, at the Lotus Art Gallery (in my studio room). These are my contributions to the art exhibit I am curating with a co-curator and few other local artists. The show is titled: "Finding peace in a hyphenated world” and details can be found on the “upcoming exhibit” links on this website.

For delivery: Please make arrangements with the gallery, as an extra shipping cost may apply. However, You can pick up the art work at no extra cost at the gallery during our hours of operation. Don’t forget that you can get tax breaks if you buy original artwork.

Thanks for supporting me and the exhibits I curate at the Lotus Gallery.

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