Finding peace in a hyphenated world

Feb 15 2019 to Feb 24 2019 Opening night : Feb 15 2019 at 7 pm

Event Description

Finding Peace in a Hyphenated World is a community-based art exhibit and event that engages with the complexities of hyphenated cultural identities, home and belonging as well as grief and loss based on cultural displacement through reflection, dialogue and sharing of personal narratives.  Through this collaborative engagement, the event provides a locus for fostering a sense of belonging in unfamiliar places and healing through art and storytelling.

EXHIBIT Description

This exhibition showcases photographic, sculptured, and installation work of Edmonton-based artists Linda Ozromano, Cristina Baldan, Semo Gold, and Isaiah Rust. Exploring the fluid and intricate manifestations of cultural identity, home, and belonging, these artists represent the complex ways in which these themes intertwine and unfold in people’s everyday lives and the emotional and psychological struggles that arise as a result of experienced feelings of grief, loss, displacement, and longing. Ranging from the highly personal to a broader societal context, these works all reflect the artists’ desire to use art to cultivate and seek a sense of belonging in unfamiliar places.

Thank you to our writer and editor Yang Lim for his contributions on capturing the essence and intention of this art exhibit and event.

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