Mariam Qureshi's Chosen to Exhibit at the Louvre, Paris 2018

October 2018, The very distinguished museum of the Louvre in Paris held a temporary Contemporary art Exhibit. During which only 300 artists from around the world were chosen by select European Fine Art Galleries to Exhibit their artwork.

Our Very own art curator and resident artist, Mariam Qureshi was chosen to exhibit her works at the museum. The journey was exciting and empowering. The exhibit was very successful, she was offered several art contracts to exhibit her works in several countries in Europe. She is currently working towards building some funds to enhance the art gallery here and to prepare for the Cannes international film festival 2019. When Hollywood calls, it's hard to refuse. She hopes to increase her production and hopes that parties and lessons she offered will cover the costs of exhibits at lotus gallery so she can dedicate the savings from art sales towards that art goal. She is a very dedicated artist and impeccably talented in several genres of mediums and style. Her favourite tends to be oil paint in abstract figures or landscapes. She hopes locals will invest in her art as it is now listed as part of the Modern Museum Collection. 


Mariam Qureshi