Be Our Cook in "Ashpaz Bashid" TV Programme:

Applicants may choose a set of Middle Eastern appetizer, entrée, drink and dessert options (Full Course) to cook in this show. Successful applicants will be contacted to schedule a time for cooking and our production team will be showing up at your home to record cooking process.

Your foods will be serving at Lotus (EyVan) café gallery under the special option in the menu called “Taste of Persia” for a week and interested diners can try and score your foods during that week at Lotus (EyVan) café!

The first season of this show will be consisted of 8 episodes and each episode will be including 4 parts (30 minute each); first 3 parts will be dedicated for applicants` cooking and diners` votes about foods and the last part will be dedicated to make a final decision.

At the last part of each episode, our professional jury team will be tasting and scoring applicants` foods as well and the combination of referees`, diners` and TV viewers` votes will elect the best cook and we will try to publish a cook book consisting of selected recipes at the end of the season!

You can apply to participate in this programme as a cook by filling the following form in just a few easy steps! 


"Ashpaz Bashid" Cook Application Form: 

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