Artist Mentorship


Lotus GalleryCurator/Artist- to- Artist Mentorship is a program that has been designed specifically to bring artists from diverse traditions and communities wishing to work together for the purposes of delivering arts programming to the community.

  Artists working in all disciplines across Edmonton are invited to book a mentorship appointment with the gallery curator / resident artist for a variety of different reasons. 

For example:  If you are thinking of submitting your art to be exhibited, if you want to work on a collaboration project, if you want to know about gallery residency, if you want to improve your artistic presence, if you want to share your thoughts on how to make the gallery better, if you need advise on what to do next in your art goals or that you need help coming up with goals. Even if you want to know how to price your art etc...

For any question or goal relevant to the gallery and the arts in Edmonton, our curator will help you achieve that. 

To register for mentorship, please go to the events tickets page and sign up for the next available appointment and Mariam Qureshi will get back to you asap.

Thanks for building a creative community together.  

"All artists will be screened based on their portfolio and all mediums and genres of art work is welcome. So bring your portfolio when you come to the meeting. :) cheers! " - Mariam Qureshi