Artist Open Call Outs

We have already started to plan the exhibits for the year 2018 and 2019.  If you would like to propose an exhibit as a featured artist,  please contact the gallery curator at If you want to submit art please take a look at what we are calling for and submit your work via drop box. To do so you must go to the contact tab on this website.

We are currently looking for art to go along the following themes and subject matters :

Themes:  Landscapes, travel and figurative art  Open Call 2018

Other open call: Projection Animations, Sculptures, Live performances, such as poetry reading, artists in focus talks and live music performances. 

If you think you have talent, send us an art submission of your best works and we will do our best to help you exhibit your work. You must meet artistic merit and the work must be ready to be sold. We do Bi-monthly exhibits, which tend to open last Friday of the exhibition month, so please submit your work before the 10th of the month, especially if you want to be considered within the first two upcoming exhibits. Thanks  

*All Art work must be original work of the artist submitting the work, to see if you meet our artistic merit, please go to the following page:  

If you have missed the due date, have no fear! Submit, you will be contacted for the next time it will be exhibited. 

If you are a musician: Come play or propose an in house concert idea via Email to curator

Thanks  and happy arting around!