Artist Workshops & Lessons:

All lessons must be booked in advance, please contact us or book your spot to confirm that the lesson is held. During the summer, we do not do drop in lessons. Thanks for your understanding.  Drop ins will begin again in the winter.

Art Lessons (Woodburning) with Mariam Qureshi

Saturdays 1pm - 2pm ; $35/ person :  Woodburning is a mix between drawing and carving, but onto wood, with a hot surfaced tool made in metal.  Each lesson focuses on one technique and practice. For instance, the first lesson will be how to draw lines, so the second will follow with how to make a drawing woodburning lines. Once the student finishes that project a second project will begin.  Each session is an hour long and costs 35$ / person.  The student will need to buy thier own woodburning kit and bring wood to burn to follow the lessons.  The more lessons you take the more you will be advancing your skills in the art of negative space and woodburning. 


Art Lessons (Watercolor pencils) with Mariam Qureshi 

Saturdays 2pm - 4pm ; $40 / person : Watercolor pencils are made for you if you want to try to advance your shading skills to the art of water-colour. If you are used to working within black and white and want to explore colour without the boring theory of color, try water-colour. The material list will be provided after the first lesson. The lesson consists of brainstorm drawing, practice and projects. During each lesson, the student will get to practice by working on a project after the first hour of practicing technique. The pace is dependent on the student. 

Art Lessons (Oil Painting with palette knives & rubber brushes) with Mariam Qureshi

Saturdays 4pm - 6pm ; Mondays 2pm -4pm $80 / person : 

Students will learn the following : The content of the Course: 

- Drawing ideas while brainstorming (Composition, balance and contrast)  

-Tools (Brush strokes, palette knife strokes, rubber brush strokes and Oils)

- Oils in detail : (yellowing vs non yellowing)

-Layers in painting with oils

-Still life Practices and Take home practices.

-Material lists will be provided at your first lesson.

-Exceptional students will get a chance to exhibit their art at Lotus Gallery and will be offered other opportunities when applicable.

"Dynamic Life Drawing" Female Model : Live Model Drawing Studio Workshop with and Melissa Barron as your moderator and Mariam as the host.

 March 12, 2017 (3 hour workshop)  Time: 1-4pm ; $40/ person :  Join us for a fresh look at Life Drawing in an exciting new workshop designed to build confidence and life drawing ability. The workshop includes a live model, complimentary glass of wine and if you need easels, you can reserve one at a first come first basis.  there will be a group discussion a the end of the session.

This stimulating life drawing workshop uses the human figure as creative inspiration. you will be guided through a narrative sequesnce with dynamic, emotional poses. you will unlock your creativity and learn to think like an artist.

This workshop is suitable for all levels: beginers will learn how to draw the figure, and those with more experience will have a fresh look at life drawing.  Instructions will be provided by practicing artists for those that would like one on one guidance. Reserve your spot early book before the space fills up. The next one will only be held in June 2017. 

We will combine traditional life drawing with experimental drawing ideas and mediums in a practical hands on environment.

There is no materials list for this course:

  • You can bring your own sketch books, paper pads, pencils, charcoals etc. If you need an easle, we have some. You can reserve one for free at a first come first serve basis. You can bring any medium you want to draw with and we will guide you in that medium. 

Artist Mentorship (achieve real results) with Mariam Qureshi    

Thursdays 7-8PM or 8-9 PM (Book your hour in advance)

$30 / hour

If you are an artist and want to show your portfolio or get some advice on how to succeed in today's art world. Come ask your questions and get the help and mentorship you need. The money you invest in your self will take you to flights you could not imagine were possible. Lets talk dreams and then lets make them happen! The pictures you see above are some of the artists that were committed to their art form and just needed a little direction or a few resources to get them started. Lotus is proud to say that all of them are doing what they love and have increase their success tremendously with just a tiny bit of mentorship or support. 

 Our gallery coordinator and curator would love to help guide you on your artistic ventures and can provide with you references for your artistic projects whether you are interested in doing them at lotus or on your own.  Sometimes, when you are an emerging artist even learning a bit more about the art market can help you. The business side to the art work doesn't always comes as easy as creating an art piece, but it is what will make you or breaks you.  Come see Mariam, she will be more than happy to help you get real results on your dreams! It is preferred that you pay online to ensure you get your consolation.  * When you pay online, make sure to choose the Thursday that suits you best to meet your mentor.