Our Philosophy

An art Gallery that encourages the artist to step out of the box and be as creative as they want. Push and challenge thier own limits, learn from each other, make personable connections with people and other artists.

A gallery that is lively with artists painting and creating on a daily basis, musician making music, writing songs and painters and art lovers enjoying each other's company in a laid back realxed yet classy atmosphere.   

Lotus takes pride in all local art forms (visual, sculpture, instrumental, poetic and expressive). The gallery sets no obstacles of social status or race, we prefer diversity and cherrish the place of pyramids of wealth. "Life only get better if you start at the bottom"-MQ.    

Our Art Gallery

Lotus Art Gallery is proud to offer a selection of original art for sale to art collectors and art lovers.  We offer unique, original and fantastic art pieces made in new genres and classic styles in a variety of sizes within wide range of mediums.

We kick start our new exhibitions at the end of everymonth with a beautiful soiree of live music, wine and mingling.  We hope to see you at our next art exhibit party!   

We understand that finding the perfect piece for a particular space can be a challenge. At Lotus, we offer professional consultation services to individuals looking for artwork to buy or rent. Our experienced and professional staff will assist you to determine what you are looking for and give advice about available options that may work within your budget. 

Though we offer an extensive selection of works by established regional artists from realistic to abstract subject matter online, nothing is better than seeing art in person and even better to see an artist make it live. At lotus you will always find an artist in residency, working on thier art form. We hope you will join in and dabble in some art your self at some of the artist workshops we offer consistently.  What better way to have an art party than with open minded professional artists who are more than willing to share thier thoughts and skills with you! 

 Please refer to the about Lotus page for artist hours of operations and Art Gallery pages for all the wonderful art work. We hope to see you soon! 

 Our Art & Music workshops and lessons

Lotus Art Gallery is a great place for all artists, beginners or experts, to develop their skills and pick up new techniques.

We have experienced instructors who are generous with their time and knowledge.   

All of our classes are reasonably priced and taught by local, professional artists. Start art with us or improve your art skills with our classes & workshops!

Most materials are provided and a discount is offered to all participants. Taking a class with a friend is great way to spend the FUN day making art together! Lotus Art Gallery is offering high quality arts education for all ages and abilities from preschool to adult. Whether you are looking for private or group music lessons, visual arts classes, or creative writing classes, Lotus Art Gallery has a program for you. We offer mentorship for emerging artists too!  Contact our curator to make an appointment with you if you are having an artist block and need a little inspirations.  

Please register early, as classes may fill up, or be canceled due to low registration. 

Our 124Street

Lotus invites schools, community centers and general public to create a workshop in collaboration with an artist to hold a regular workshop of their choice, where they can learn about either history of art or simply learn how to draw, paint, sculpt, write or play music.  Edmonton has so much talent, and such a wonderful artististic history most people do not know about. Ask us about 124street and all its fabulous art galleries. 

 There is only one street in edmonton which is full of art galleries with art from all over the place.  What better fun outing than to take a gallery tour of galleries on our street with one of our artists!   Book a gallery tour of 124st with Mariam at gallerymariam@gmail.com. 

Our Custom made with love Artwork - Commissions by our artists  

HERE at LOTUS, We have so many talented artists who would be more than happy to draw a memorable artwork for you! Commissions typically take 1 to 3 weeks to complete depending on your artist’s turnaround time and details and size of your artwork. You can order your commission artwork at Lotus Art Gallery easily in few steps. Ask us about making that beautiful picture you took of the grand kids or the river valley. We would love to make it into a long lasting treasure for keepsakes just for you. We can work within your own budget as we can work in a variety of mediums without compromising the quality of the artwork on lower budgets.  Know that some materials are not as expensive to buy than others so we can create the right peice to go in your space with the right medium and the right budget. 

 All of our art comes in a high resolution digital format too, so you can post it to your social media pages too! Contact Us for a free quote. 

Our Hire an Artist program

This is Lotus art gallery's hire an artist program. Artists have many skills to offer, they can teach, create workshops, Photoshop images, offer paint night parties for your special events, design your homes, entertain atyour events and much much more!! There are many different types of artists in Edmonton, each with their own specialized set of skills.  There are over 40 local professional artists alone, who are associated with the Lotus ART gallery, each with specialized skills and quality work or service to offer, so if you are looking for quality, you can find it here. 

If you need an artist, please feel free to inquire more about our hire an artist program. Send us your artistic requirements and request a quote and we will be more than happy to find you a quality artist who is just right for you and your project.  Contact us with your questions.  

An example of this could be help you do window design for your small business, or sort out meticulous tiny objects out of a pile of artifacts. 

Our Home Designs;  your home our inspiration and design.  

Lotus ART Gallery offers artistic interior design consultation and original art to finish the style of your space with a beautiful fresh look. If you have opened a new business or bought a new home or are planning to open one in Edmonton, we can walk you through all the difficult decisions about what is good to consider when creating a stylish design that meets your everyday needs. We work closely with you to incorporate your daily needs into the design.  The everyday tasks feel great when you design the space for them according to your moods, wants and vision.

We can provide you with information about all styles, show you samples you can choose from, for all your needs (from flooring to accessories).We can introduce you to local designers that create custom made furniture, framing, doors, etc. to obtain the exact look you had in mind or that for a unique piece of art or furniture that will make your place yours. We are local and very creative. Our artists can also set design window displays for your business, they can help you create a welcoming flow and connect you to the local community.      

For more information on our interior design team, please contact us FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and visit www.mariams.website