Hire an artist

This is Lotus art gallery's hire an artist program. Artists have many skills to offer, they can teach, create workshops, photoshop images, offer paint night parties for your special events. Artists are available in Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton Canada.

Artists  can take photographs, help you brain storm in creative ways, they can help you write out wedding cards, they can make t-shirts for your events, calandars for your teams, they can make murals of art on your walls. If you need cartoonists, they can do caricature, they can make portraits of your loved ones and better yet they can design for you ideas that need some drawing skills.  

Artists can make digital animations for your business, they can make posters for your company, draw up plans for your interiour designs, create beautiful fashions, draw up your fashion design ideas, create beautiful set designs, set up beautiful window displays, coordinate your design colours, help you make room for fresh new things in your home, office or wardrobe, they can help you declutter,  refresh your art work /painting, conserve your painting or another important photo or art work.

An artist can even help you design your homes and display things with a great sense of composition, colour coordination and perspective. Artists can make music for your spacial event, create an jinggle for you that you can use over and over to grow your business. Some museums even may need artists to sort out meticulous items or set up displays and reproduce a set based on text or history.

There are many different types of artists in Edmonton, each with thier own spcialised set of skills.  There are over 40 local professional artists alone, who  are associated with the Lotus ART gallery, each with specialized  skills and quality work or service to offer.

If you need an artist, please feel free to inquire more about our hire an artist program.  Send us your artistic requirements and request a quote   gallerymariam@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to find you a quality artist who is just right for your project.