Resident Artists and LIVE ART everyday

Our resident artists are literally the H'ART of the gallery.  

What is Artist Residencies :

Worldwide, there are over 600 centers,  organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries who offer artists residencies. Each of these organisations is dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.

Through Artist residencies, we will become part of a global community of colleagues engaged in dialogue through our face-to-face meetings and virtually through our online presence. The idea is to promote artists while they work on their live art, so people can get to know the person behind.

Those interested in attending a residency can use the information and resources provided at the gallery by the art curator, gaining insights into the art market of our area, network and stay informed about events and application deadlines.

Since 2016, through the volunteer efforts of the artists and countless partnership of friends of the gallery, Resident  Artists have grown to become a large network of its kind, promoting the role of residential art programs as a vital part of the contemporary arts world, stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding and networking or collaboration.

"Encounter the world in residencies, volunteer to show off your work and help other artists and collectors build a network"

The resident artists volunteer their time to keep the gallery running and organise artistic events for the local community. They are not only an asset to the gallery, they are the artistic leaders in the community. Their philosophy is to step outside the box and make art personable.   Their way of doing this is by inviting the community to participate in their live art demonstrations, artistic events and help the community grow through artistic means.  They are all about diversifying the art world and pushing the limits of their artistic mediums.

In our society, it's a challenge to make a living as a an artist, especially young artists who already face gender, race or economic obstacles, but the beauty of art it has no such limits and these artists really exemplify this. They believe in doing what they love and appreciate all your support.

Lotus is strong supporter of live art, progression of creativity and parties.  Our resident artists create live art at the gallery everyday from 12-4pm and offer artistic workshops to support these values and help build a creative community. 

Hop in,  on any given day of the week and you will leave inspired by not only the art on exhibition, but the presence of professional artists in the gallery. Our resident artists are commited to showing you what happens behind the scenes of an art piece!  Come see different artists,  thier techniques, thier way of being , learn about a variety of mediums at work and enjoy the  vibes !  

You will leave inspired and Uplifted that you are supporting local artists in your community - Mariam Q.   

Mariam Qureshi


Artist and Gallery Curator

During the summer months, Mariam is busy planning future exhibits on Mondays and doing live art around the city at various city festivals and art walks. She was recently awarded as the Ambassador of the arts from the Mayor of Edmonton, Alberta.

In October 2017, she was selected to exhibit her art in the contemporary art exhibit at the Louvre, Paris. Her work is now listed as a collectible at the Modern Museum of the Arts in Europe and Her art can be viewed and purchased via several galleries in Europe and at Lotus Gallery. She is usually in the gallery Mondays by appointment, Thursdays nights and Saturdays all day.     

If you have any questions about art submissions, please book an appointment and she can be available to meet with you at lotus on Mondays between 2-5pm.  



Adrian Zorzut

Resident Visual Artist Tuesdays 12- 4 pm


My Background

Like many children, I spent much of my time drawing and colouring.  It was only later though that I discovered my love of oil painting and since the turn of the millennium, it has become a driving force in my life.

I'm currently a resident artist at the Lotus Art Gallery in Edmonton Alberta.

My Medium

Oils and only oils, though I vary between board and canvas, knife and brush, as the whim or need strikes me.

My Inspiration


Art, and those who create it, has enriched my life beyond measure.  


Charlene Changkee art.jpg

Charlene Changkee

Resident Visual Artist Thursdays 12- 4 pm

I am an artist with no rules. I combine mixed media art and photography to create pieces that have a raw rough texture of original canvas artwork with the fine detail of photography.


Keith Macpherson art.jpg

Keith MacPherson

Resident Visual Artist Fridays 12- 4 pm

Nature in context and as struggle:  Our relationship with nature, our love of it, and our attempt to control it. 

Growing up in central Edmonton, I was strongly influenced by my urban environment; first and foremost, the people, the streets, and the buildings.   When visiting outside of the city, I had to reconcile on all levels, my urban experience with my rural experience and since I can only look at the world through the eyes of someone who was raised in the city, that is the context I bring to my paintings, 

Both my Urban and Rural Landscapes represent my expression of the idea that the city is where our attempt at control over nature manifests itself on a day to day basis.  In most urban settings, there is very little that is “natural”.  My rural landscapes represent more of the natural world but usually include at least one aspect of human intervention. 

My portraits and figure paintings try to explore our very complex relationship with, and very complex attempt to control, our own nature.  It was originally in the city that I came to see the simple and profound dignity in almost every human endeavor and this is the idea that I try to convey.  

My Nature series emphasizes the idea that the viewer’s context is equally as important as the artist’s.   As with most human endeavors, there are more than one point of view and I leave it up to the viewer to decide from which point of view they want to interpret these paintings.

If I put brush to canvas and capture, even approximately, what my mind sees when I look onto this world.  Then and only then, do I consider myself successful Visual Artist. 


Cliff travis art.jpg

Cliff Travis

Resident Visual Artist Saturdays 12- 4 pm

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1958, I grew up in a solid family environment, experiencing the artistic displays of my mother and two older brothers that provided a sound basis for my development to come.

Home surroundings with music and art were always comforting, especially in difficult times. Although initially too young to consciously realize the interrelationships and how deeply everyone is affected by art in all its forms, I still felt it as personally important. Drawing skills were my early focus; some music studies to round things out; and with science studies I came to better understand energies and materials and how they interact with each other. Philosophies evolved to reveal connections with everything. The result was a self-taught artist able to rely on my own resources for growth.

In 1990 I met the love of my life, who inspired further growth on countless levels, and she has always encouraged and supported my pursuits as an artist. Married since 1992, although opposites in many ways, Debbie and I remain stable partners, enduring some particularly hard times. Among her many other talents, Debbie is a gifted decorator and seamstress – an artist in her own right.

I’ve always sought to respond and express myself creatively in various ways, realizing that art is a combined expression of the mind and heart regardless of how that might manifest. Although highly appreciative of what music and writing can project in that way, I prefer to visually represent my ideas and emotions through an arrangement of materials, texture and colour.

Art production, although somewhat sporadic over the years, tended to be in the form of pencil drawings. Although a few were sold, most drawings were given away as gifts.

My art production has evolved and increased in recent years, expanding in a more abstract manner, seeking to work more freely with elements of interest. Relinquishing control and allowing more intuitive expression has been challenging, but curiously fascinating and fulfilling. I challenge myself to utilize life experiences and observations in experimental and innovative ways to produce unprecedented hybrid works, continually developing as he seeks out new materials and techniques.

As a contemporary mixed media artist, my current influences are many – Richter, Keifer, Nelson and Myers to name only a few. Although substrates and other materials may vary, most of my works are acrylic based paintings.

My goal is to finally reach out and discover that others – beyond friends and family – find positive feeling and connections with my art; that it may stir their emotions and imagination in a powerful and personally satisfying manner.

I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta. I am a resident artist at the Lotus Art Gallery — 10321-124 Street, Edmonton. Lotus is an established promoter of local art and artists.


dan Sc art.jpg

Daniel Schneider

Resident Visual Artist Sundays 12- 4 pm

I'm Dan, also know as 'That guy that's always with Hobbes'. I'm an artist who grew up on my family farm farm in rural Alberta.   Now I spend my time making pretty doodles and spending time with my little corgi sidekick, Hobbes.   My website ( is the place where you can check out all the pretty things I do for a living and more importantly keep up to date on Hobbes' and my adventures!