Mariam`s short bio:

Mariam Qureshi is a versatile artist. She paints, sculpts, designs, makes music, has travel hobbies and works in social and economic development. Some of the local artists call her a tiny art beast. Always busy mostly volunteering but never the less she always puts her best foot forward in all her projects.

Mariam as an artist (Art Mondays):

 Every Monday Mariam starts a new art project or new art work. You can follow her on Instagram to see what is in the making or hop in to see her in action at Lotus Art Gallery. Her work explores contemporary landscape and figurative art, but their meaning shifts from the concrete to an exploration of her memory, resulting in art with metaphoric movement and illusion.  She creates dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet motion.  Mostly styles of expressionism and a bit of surrealism, a reality that she finds is much closer than realism to her.   Due to her busy schedule, this year she is concentrating on teaching a few lessons, curating exhibits, doing some interior design and art rentals, when she is not painting.  

For Art rental, please contact her and she will be more than happy to assist you in furnishing your space with beautiful local professional art. If you are interested in local art, please know that buying art is like an economic investment in the community, especially when buying locally. The art you buy doesn't only support the artist, but it also supports all the local businesses and organizations that go into the production /making and selling of it.  For instance, according to the economist it’s a great way to boost up a falling economy. Investing into one local art piece will inherently invest into local art shops, local galleries, local marketing, local community and it is a product which tends to grow in value and create events that strengthen the community, as oppose to a bed sheet or a couch which tends to devalue as it ages or goes out of style.

Mariam as a Mentor:

If you are an artist who wants to make it as an artists and want some real result mentorship, book an appointment with Mariam for her mentorship program. Sometimes you might want to know how to get started or how to price your work or where to take it for exhibits. If you are not sure, if you are even asking the right questions and following the right path, book your one on one honest conversation with Mariam, you will leave with some guidelines on how to achieve your goals.

Mariam as a Curator and Volunteer Coordinator for the Gallery: 

She wants lotus to be a space where local artists can feel free to want to exhibit their work and share with others. She wants to create a space where artists can sell their art work professionally, even when they are coming from diverse background or do not have years and years of artistic experience. The exhibits she curates consist of some famous artists and some up and coming artist Avant guards like herself. A new show opens every last Friday night of each month and the choice of art work is selected amongst only the best of the local art submissions. If you are an artist, feel free to submit to lotus gallery by filling out the submission form under the contact us tab.  If you want to see and buy great art made by Local artists from Edmonton, come to the Opening Reception Nights.

Mariam as a designer: 

Mariam at Lotus ART Gallery offers artistic interior design consultation and original art to finish the style of your space with a beautiful fresh look. 

If you have opened a new business or bought a new home or are planning to open one in Edmonton, we can walk you through all the difficult decisions about what is good to consider when creating a stylish design that meets your everyday needs.

 We work closely with you to incorporate your daily needs into the design.  The everyday tasks feel great when you design the space for them according to your moods, wants and vision.  

We can provide you with information about all styles, show you samples you can choose from, for all your needs (from flooring to accessories). We can introduce you to local designers that create custom made furniture, framing, doors, etc. to obtain the exact look you had in mind or that for a unique piece of art or furniture that will make your place yours.

If you sell houses and need to decorate, we rent art at very affordable prices, on commission, to create a beautiful ambiance.

As a local fellow business that supports local, we understand that you might need to become an inclusive part of the community and create a business space that is decorated locally but if you are looking for quality and professional design, we can help you.

We offer art to finish the design which you can either rent or you can even choose to sell on commission. You will not have to do any work, we would take care of the exhibit from A to Z. All to provide a professional and friendly service and because we love to create stylish visuals for your customers. 

Check more about Mariam at her website or email her at to get more information.