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Lotus art gallery Presents SAM AN WOVEN ART COLLECTIONS exhibition in collaboration with local artists. This exhibition is the show of rare and unique tribal artifacts from Persia. Our opening night will take place on Fri. Oct 27, 2017 from 7 to 11 PM.

Here is the brief description of this exhibition:

·         Featured artist: Saman Maleknia

·         Show title: SAM AN WOVEN ART COLLECTIONS

·         Date: Oct 27 – Nov 30, 2017

The summary of our important events:

Oct 27th is the opening:

- Presentation of Persian tribal Sofreh and Gilims from 7 different regions of Iran with different techniques of design and weaving.

- Sam Maleknia is the collector who would be available to greet personally with the handwoven enthusiasts.

-There are resident artist who present their paintings which are inspired by Persian woven arts.

- Lotus gallery/cafe is serving snacks, Persian pastries and beverages.

Oct 29th-30th:

Complimentary tour with Sam, He would be talkingabout his deep passion in woven arts, similarities and differences between pile weaving and flat weaving, history of handmade rugs and Persian woven arts, inspirations behind tribal rugs andhis background in Architecture.

There would be other surprising events for the whole months of November that well be announced soon

And here is a brief description of the featured artist/collector of this exhibit:

‘Sam an Woven Art Collections’ demonstrates the deep passion I have for Persian handwoven arts which has accompanied me since being introduced to the richness of this heritage in my early childhood. Before attending architecture school, I started reading and learning about the history and tradition of Persian textiles. My growing interest led me to officially join the Heriz Persian Carpet institute where I acquired my practical knowledge back in Iran in 2001.  After few years of studying Persian Flat and Pile weaving, I acquired my diploma with distinction from the vocational Persian Carpet institute in Iran.

In this exhibition, I would like to proudly present a selection, dear to my heart, of woven artwork which has been meticulously chosen and gathered over a period of several years in Iran'

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Culture Days Edmonton
1:30 PM13:30

Culture Days Edmonton

Culture Days.jpg

Emotion in culture, What does that mean to you? 

Maybe it's just a word, a rhyme, a personal feel. Why do we create art, in different forms of expression. The Lotus Art Gallery would like to invite you to join on an artistic journey of:

A reading from the wonderful Alison Clarke & talented Anton Iorga. (1:00-1:45pm)

Cliff Travis talk about the exhibit that's happening right now in the Lotus Art Gallery. And the emotional state of some of the art pieces displayed. ( 2:15-3:00pm)

Ending it with you expressing emotion through paint strokes on a canvas, with Anne Oomen. (3:00-4:00pm)

Hope you come join and experience the local art and emotions portrayed from artists within Edmonton itself. 

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DanSun Art Exhibition Reception Party
7:00 PM19:00

DanSun Art Exhibition Reception Party

Lotus Art Gallery will be hosting an Exhibition of my work from September 1 - September 22, 2017. The reception will be September 1 from 7-10 pm. During the reception I will speak on the artwork and we will also have two other speakers presenting on mental health and resiliency for all first responders. Speaking sessions will be from 7-8pm. 

- Sgt. Glen Close is with the Edmonton Police Services Reintegration Team. Glen's team helps members of EPS reintegrate back into the work force after experiencing trauma or other occupational stress injury.

- Matt Petrie, MA QMED, is a registered Psychologist and a 22 year veteran of the RCMP. His practice focuses on achieving and maintaining a balanced life and building resiliency.

Most of my artwork is viewed on a cell phone or computer screen. To receive the full impact of this art come join us opening night or stop by the gallery from Sept 1 - 22 to view this collection up close and in full detail. 


From the Gallery Curator:

"Dan's digital interpretation of life and death situations are not only about people behind the scenes of trauma and first respond. The images scream emotions such as sympathy, empathy, pride, regret, relief, action and all within his caption of those precious split seconds where life meets death. His photo edits bring to light The people who come close to death and the people who help them out of that situation and sometimes have to face what it is like to loose that battle. Dan's art will be accompanied by very abstract fluid drip art paintings made in astonishing ways that will leave room for your own interpretations. " ~ Mariam Qureshi (Lotus Gallery Curator)

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