LOTUS GALLERY is an artistic partnership between Eyvan BOOK Café upstairs and downstairs, a beautiful ART gallery with local art from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.   

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

— Mariam Qureshi

Get to know the Gallery Curator from behind the scenes via Instagram@Gallerymariam

 Meet  the  force behind the Lotus ART Gallery : Our Curator and main resident artist, Mariam Qureshi. With the help and support of Eyvan's Book Cafe, She turned her studio into a commercial art gallery for local artists in Edmonton, Alberta.  She works in social security and interior design, yet still finds time to paint and now curate and manage the lotus art gallery. Follow her on instagram every monday, as she starts up a new art project.     

Lotus Art Gallery Hours:

Weekdays 12- 4 pm

Thursdays 12-9 pm

Saturdays 1-9pm

Sundays 12-4pm