CD: OPENING DOORS all music and songs by The metronomad


CD: OPENING DOORS all music and songs by The metronomad


Opening Doors - The EP  By The Metronomad


1.    Sun In A Small Sized Shot Glass 02:57

2.    Ownership 03:59

3.    Opening Doors 03:50

4.    Tonight (RADIO MIX) 04:01

5.    Somewhere 03:58

6.    Dear Listener 03:36

7.    Bonus Track!!! Tonight (ROCK OUT MIX) 05:20

About Metronomad:

The Metronomad is a Singer-Songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta. He may have come to music a little later than some, but his passion for it is best illustrated by his proudest moment: picking up a guitar for the first time in his second year of University, he proceeded to skip almost every class during his remaining two years of school in favor of playing music. Influenced by such diverse, creative forces as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley and Muse, he also has a deep connection to his family’s cultural roots in Pakistan. He draws these aspects of Indo-Pak poetry into his songwriting, while shading his compositions with influences from his personal guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Jack White and Paco de Lucia. Music is The Metronomad’s first passion: living and breathing its language every single day, he seeks to be a messenger for its powerful force, connecting people with each other, with ideas, reality and states of being, as well as inspiring us to heights of emotions both high and low.  

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