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Commission an Art at Lotus Gallery

Thank you for your interest in commissioning an art at Lotus Art Gallery. We have so many talented artists who would be more than happy to draw a memorable artwork for you! Commissions typically take 1 to 3 weeks to complete depending on your artist’s turnaround time and details and size of your artwork.

You can order your commission artwork at Lotus Art Gallery easily in few steps.


STEP1: Let the project begin!

Please note All our resident artists at Lotus Art Gallery are accepting commissions. Come see them at any given day of the week. Please refer to our hours of operations under contact us. Regardless of the artist and the art style that you are commissioning, you will need to submit a description of what you want drawn, the size of the work and one or more reference photos. The more detailed your description, the better. Remember that a real person is going to be spending hours drawing your piece. All of our artists are very talented but they cannot read your mind! To ensure you get exactly what you want, be as detailed as possible in your description.

 STEP3: Give feedback on your drafts

We will send you a rough sketch from your artwork by e-mail in few days for your comments. This is your opportunity to tell the artist what changes you want to see. We recommend being as specific and clear with your requested changes as possible and provide additional reference photos to your artist to help him or her improve whatever detail you might like him or her to fix. Based on the details of your work, we will send you 3 to 5 pictures of the work in progress to get your feed backs!

STEP4: Enjoy Your Final Piece

You will usually receive your final piece of art somewhere between one and three weeks after ordering, depending on your artist’s turnaround time and size of the work. Now that you have your fantastic piece of art on your hand, it`s time to show it off to friends and family! All of our art comes in a high resolution digital format, so you can post it to your social media pages! 

Please note we also make prints on items such as T-shirts, Skirts, Scarfs, Totebags, CD covers, Mugs, Blankets, Computer mouse-pads, Puzzles, etc. You can make a request for any of these by getting in touch with us through the form below. 

Thanks for supporting artists in your community and unique and orginal art work!  

Commission Art Work request form  

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