Artist Commitees @ Lotus Gallery

Put your skills and time to good practice, gain experience, get tax refunds and do what you love to create a healthy balance in your life!  

  Apply your skills for real results ! 

Apply your skills for real results ! 

Together we can achieve more than what we can alone !

We are currently filling the following positions of skillful volunteers who like the lotus art gallery  and Eyvan's Book cafe!  If yo want to be an active part of its undertaking please fill out the volunteer form below.    This is an open call to anyone including resident artists.    Share your skills and knowledge to create this gallery and cafe into a booming business for the local artists and creatives like your self! 

 The mandate is to create a business in the arts and support local art initiations!  The gallery participates in exhibits, music events, art workshops, and collaborates with local charity organizations, lends out books and has a coffee shop,  and is slowly but surely expanding everyday!  

Each of the mentioned volunteer teams below are  looking for volunteers with appropriate skill sets to accomplish some very important tasks in the art business!

If you are wanting to help create a space where art can become lucrative, we would love to hear from you.  Your skills and passion will not go unnoticed.

This will open doors to other opportunities.  Plus, we will be more than happy to provide you with a tax reciept for your hours.   


Our volunteers get great discounts on original art work,  art lessons and some of them even get to exhibit thier own work. We care about the arts and creative people, so we care about your artistic ideas and goals.  Most of all, you will always leave inspired and fullfilled with amazing experience you will gain and you will share with other like minded people.  Let's build this gallery together and make art market a reality!  

  • Social Media Fresnsy team!            (commmunications,  creatives and canvasing) 

  • Sponsorship and Fundraisors                      (Diplomatic, able to proof read, make press releases and organise fundraising events)  

  • The Creative Talents Team                             (Experience in photography, digital art, photoshop, print and poster and price tag making)  

  • Events Planning Team                                        (Executors of events - able to brainstorm event planning all the way to execution of the event and a follow up. Event include performances, concerts, open miss, exhibits, parties, workshops, lessons. Able to address the logistical aspects and materials handle aspect of large events such as getting transportation organized, funds, set stage, keeping an overview of the wholistic picture etc.)  

 If you have the time and passion for the arts and have always wanted to be part of an artistic cause, please fill submit the VOLUNTEER FORM:     


Volunteering Programdetails.

We are committed to giving you the best experience possible and believe that the volunteer relationship is one of trust and mutual understanding. Here at EyVan book café we need and appreciate help with all kinds of tasks. We need volunteers for everything from the simple and technical, to the public and behind the scenes.

Share your skills and passions as a volunteer and help your community thrive.

There are those who wish to simply make monetary donations and others who volunteer their time and expertise to assist Library services, programs and projects.

Helping hands are always welcomed by EyVan book café. The time volunteers contribute need only be a few hours and is worth its weight in gold!

We strive to make volunteering with EyVan book café a rewarding experience and it is through our volunteers that we are able to strengthen and enhance our services




We will:

  • Match your skills and experiences with the right role for you wherever possible
  • Provide a clear volunteer description clarifying your role and responsibilities
  • Offer appropriate training and support for your role
  • Celebrate success and recognize your contribution
  • Respect all volunteers and listen to what you have to say
  • Make necessary arrangements to ensure your health, safety and welfare as a volunteer
  • Encourage a positive atmosphere to enable you to have the best volunteering experience possible
  • Listen to and act on your concerns if expectations aren't met


We ask you to:

  • Commit to our aims and values and be a positive advocate for EyVan team
  • Aim for high standards of efficiency, reliability and quality in your volunteering; giving the best of your skills and abilities
  • Treat everyone you come into contact with through your role with dignity and respect, understanding that no form of harassment, bullying or discrimination will be tolerated
  • Work in partnership with other volunteers, staff and the general public
  • Support and act in accordance with our organizational policies, guidelines, procedures and management decisions
  • Be accountable for your behavior and actions and be open to receiving feedback
  • Let your staff contact know first if you have any problems so that we can find a solution together, so fill out the form below if you want to be part of this fun!