About Lotus Art Gallery 

Get to know the Gallery Curator from behind the scenes via Instagram@Gallerymariam

 Meet  the  force behind the Lotus ART Gallery : Our Curator and Main resident artist, Mariam Qureshi.

With the help and support of Lotus Cafe, Mariam turned her studio into a cozy little commercial Art Gallery for local artists in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

She works during the day, is an artist, curator and so much more by night. Somehow still finds time to paint and volunteer in the community to help artists.    Find out more about her via Instagram : @ gallerymariam or @mariamqureshi.artist.  (She started doing art for a few hours every Monday, which eventually led to finding a sponsor for studio space and then led to this little gallery. She still continues to work on art on Mondays, so you just might see her making or planning some new next Monday via Instagram or on Facebook).    

Mariam's Short Bio : 

Mariam Qureshi's art work explores contemporary landmarks, figure and surreal realities with meanings that shift from concrete to  an exploration of her memory or thought, resulting in art with metaphoric movement and illusion. An abstract figurative / landscapes art. Very Avant - Guard and Contemporary. Her works are now listed as collectibles under the Modern Museum of Arts. She has art exhibited in Montreal (her home town), Ottawa( where she studied international development), Paris (where she was selected to exhibit works at the Louvre), Austria and Switzerland (where she has more gallery representation).    

Mariam creates dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet motion and thought. Mariam is a strong supporter of local art and artists and has recently opened this art gallery which was supposed to be a studio space sponsored to her only, to support other local artists and hence the local market and community of young entrepreneurs. This studio is now a well recognized and respected commercial art gallery, where many artists have to opportunity to make business in a professional manner. Currently she is supporting at least  60 local artists from Edmonton Alberta Canada.  

 The lotus art gallery hosts a public art exhibit reception party bi-monthly. It always includes contemporary cutting edge Fresh new and original art. The exhibits are always thought provoking and inspiring. Join us next time you are in town. Check out our local art exhibit page. 

 The gallery also offers fundraising for charitable causes, art rental, art parties, music or art lessons, interior design consultation for all the art lovers and free studio space for the talented and commited creatives. For more information about lotus art philosophy and services please click on the link below. Thanks for supporting your local artists.

Recent NEWS:
Mariam Qureshi, Edmonton Artist Goes to the Louvre, Paris. Selected for her unique techniques and contemporary subject matter. The art is will exhibit at the Salon International des Art Contemporains au Musee de Louvre, Paris. October 2017.  
Mariam was AWARDED the Ambassador of the ARTs AWARD May 1 2017, by the city of Edmonton, AB CANADA. (Thanks to ATB, City of Edmonton, and ALL the wonderful creative people that recognised her with this wonderful award and honor.  Here is the link :  
Great new news:  Mariam Qureshi's is an award winner oil painter who's painting will be exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, as part of 300 contemporary artists selected around the world. Hope you enjoy her art work. Thanks


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