The Gallery offers       Local Art & Art of Persia 

The wonderful Art of Persia @ Lotus is located upstairs

Local Art and artists@ Lotus can be found downstairs. There is always a friendly face to help you onsite.  

Art of Persia (Upstairs) hours of Operations : Friday to Tuesday10am - 5pm Where you can come sit and draw, talk and sip authentic Persian teas.

Lotus ART (Downstairs) hours of Operation based on artists on site :

Monday to Wednesday: Noon - 4 pm

Thursdays : Noon - 9pm

 Saturdays  & Sundays: 10am-5pm. 

*Join local artists every last Friday of the month for their Art Reception Party. This is a Free event that allows art lovers to meet artists and enjoy some complimentary wine with live music.    

Lotus is Happy to Participate in the Culture Days Activities this year from September 30 - October 2, 2016

September 30 : 7pm: Reception party where you can meet the currently featured artists and ask them about what inspired them.

October 1: There will be group guitar jam opportunity from noon-2pm and Sketch Club 2-4pm.

October 2:  Come in to see Mariam Qureshi and Rebecca Zai do some live art onsite.  There is also a drop in Yoga and art tour of the exhibit from 3- 4pm. 

In Addition, Lots of art will be for sale, lots of handmade cards made by artists also make great Christmas cards.  There are beautiful prints available and you may also place silent BIDs on certain Art.

HAPPY SHOPPING and Hope you ENJOY your time at LOTUS ART GALLERY located in the basement of the building.  

Upcoming Workshops